Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer

  • whole surface interior priming and exterior spot priming
  • penetrates and seals porous surfaces and dries to a smooth finish with excellent enamel holdout so paints have better coverage and consistent sheen
  • The best adhesion of any primer to dense, glossy surfaces such as enamel paints and varnishes, panelling, laminates -even glass and ceramic tile- without sanding or deglossing
  • provides tenacious adhesion to dense, glossy, painted, or bare interior surfaces including wood, drywall, cured plaster, masonry, metal, and pvc
  • May be used under and over any latex or oil-base architectural paint
  • Blocks water and oil soluble stain stains like water spots, graffiti, soot, tannin bleed, kitchen spatter, crayon, lipstick, and rust stains
  • An ideal base coat for faux, decorative finishes or dark colours
  • Seals all types of odours; musty mould and mildew, fireplace and furnace puff-backs, pet urine, and residual odours from flood and fire damage
  • The only primer that reliably seals knots and sap streaks
  • Note: spot prime only under high hiding paints
  • Not recommended for full surface application on exterior substrates, floors, decks, patios, porches, excessively humid interior areas or surfaces subject to immersion or prolonged contact with water
  • Spray Can (369 grams)- One coat of up to 30 square feet of surface space
  • Quart (946 millilitres)- One coat of approximately 100 square feet of surface space
  • Gallon (3.79 litres)- One coat of approximately 400 square feet of surface space
  • *Coverage may vary depending on the surface porosity and texture*

  • Surface should be clean, dry, sound and free of dust, dirt, excessive chalky material, grime, grease, oil, wax, mildew, wallpaper adhesive, or any contamination that may interfere with adhesion
  • If unsure, always wash surface with appropriate cleaning solution, ammonia, and water or solvent (do not use TSP)
  • Remove unsound coatings
  • For exterior spot priming, sand exposed wood to remove weathered wood fibres
  • For stain killing, attempt to remove as much of the stain as possible
  • Kill and remove any mildew
  • Use in a well-ventilated area
  • Shake or stir before using
  • Eliminate all sources of ignition
  • Product can be applied by brush roller or spray
  • Follow spray equipment manufacturer’s instructions
  • Airless spraying- .011” to .013” tip at 800-1200 P.S.I.
  • Wear a NOISH approved respirator and provide adequate ventilation
  • Apply between -18°C (0°F) and 32°C (90°F), relative humidity of less than 85%, and surface temperature 7 degrees Celsius above the dew point
  • Tinting: tint with up to 60mL (2oz) of universal colourant per 3.7L. Tinting primer helps topcoat hide in 1 coat
  • Spray:
    • Use product outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
    • Use at room temperature
    • Avoid high humidity
    • Shake can vigorously until ball inside can rattles
    • Turn can upside down and continue shaking for one minute before use and occasionally during use
    • Test to determine touch and spray pattern
    • Spray 10"-12" from object
    • Depress valve completely and apply with short 'dusting' strokes
  • Keep container closed when not in use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • It is recommended that anyone who is applying the product or present during application of this product, especially those who are asthmatic, follow the manufacturer's safety precautions
  • It is recommended that pregnant women are not present when product is being applied and drying
    • Approximately 15 minutes to touch
    • Can recoat in 30 minutes
    • Humidity and temperature may prolong dry, recoat, and cure times
    • Spray:
      • surface may be painted win 30 minutes
    • Equal parts household ammonia and water or denatured alcohol (methyl hydrate)
    • In case of spillage, absorb with inert material and dispose of in accordance with local regulations
    • Wipe up splatters before they dry
    • Wash thoroughly after handling
    • Follow equipment manufacturer’s directions to clean spray equipment
    • Spray:
      • If valve clogs, twist and pull off spray tip and rinse in a solvent such as denatured alcohol
      • do not stick pin or other objects into can
      • Replace nozzle with valve opening pointed way from you to clear spray for future use, turn can upside down and spray until clear gas appears
      • For Storage and re-use, clear valve by holding can in an upright position pointed away from you, and push the tip to one side for a few seconds to clear out remaining paint
      • Store can inside when not in use
      • In extremely cold temperatures, keep can warm
      • DO NOT heat on stove, in oven, or in microwave
    • When storing excess paint, tightly close container and store upside down
    • Store in a well-ventilated area
    • Do not store near heat, sparks, open flame, or other sources of ignition
    • Protect from freezing
      • Use completely or dispose of properly

        Safety Data Sheet-BIN Gallon