How to Prepare your Walls for Painting

Properly preparing your walls for painting is an important step to ensure you achieve the best results. Watch this video to learn the recommended process for cleaning interior walls prior to painting.



How to Paint Interior Walls

Painting the interior of a home can be a fun experience; the transformation is so dramatic. This video will teach you proper painting technique, the types of paint rollers to use, how to load paint on a roller and everything you need to know in order to properly paint a room.




How to Paint a Ceiling

Painting your ceiling can seem like a tough task. Learn the best way to paint a ceiling with our simple steps. Keep in mind that the ceiling should be done prior to painting the walls. You will need a two and a half inch angle sash brush, painters tape, a nine-inch roller sleeve, an extension pole, a pan, a ladder, and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint.




 How to Cut Paint in a Room 

Cutting in a room refers to painting the ceiling line corners and around windows, doors, outlets and switches with a brush, prior to using a roller. Doing it the right way is important. You will need: A two and a half inch angle sash brush, a smaller brush, painters tape, drop cloths, a stepladder, and Benjamin Moore Aura paint.




How to Paint Trim

Learn how to paint trim with simple painting tips in this how to video. ADVANCE® paint provides a high-end furniture like finish and is available in over 3,500 colours. The innovative formula ensures smooth application and minimal brush marks.




How to Paint Interior Doors

Interior doors can require various different painting techniques. However, no matter how you paint it, it is important to do it right.




How to Paint Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets seems intimidating but with Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE® paint, it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to paint cabinets in a quick, convenient and affordable way to give kitchens a newly remodelled look. ADVANCE® paint provides a high-end furniture like finish, and is available in over 3,500 colours. The innovative formula ensures smooth application and minimal brush marks for your kitchen cabinets.



How to Paint a front Door

Learn how to paint an exterior door the correct way to ensure it stands out and endures the test of time. Aura brings rich, vivid colour and exceptional durability to your exterior doors and trim. It also has excellent colour retention and fade resistance as well as a rich, lustrous finish.




How to Stain a Deck

Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat® Exterior Stain offers superior protection while enhancing the texture and grain of wood surfaces like your deck. This video will show you how to stain wood with Arborcoat® Exterior Stain so it is protected against extreme weather conditions and UV rays. Arborcoat® Exterior Stain is mildew-resistant and resists blistering, scuffs, and peeling. This wood stain is also suitable for decking, siding and furniture.



How to Paint a Dry Erase Wall

Benjamin Moore’s premium performance Notable® Dry Erase Paint can transform nearly any surface into a dry erase board. Whether in a residential, professional or commercial interior space, Notable® supports the concept that great ideas can surface anywhere. Dry erase boards are made easy with our comprehensive kit, which comes with a 2-component paint system, a roller-cover, and detailed application instructions.




How to Paint Wood Panelling Like a Pro

How to Paint Veneer, Wood, or Faux Panelling like a pro. With the right prep work, you can transform your old panelling and achieve a beautiful new look. Whether you have high-quality varnished hardwood, simple veneer, or faux panelling, painting over panelling can give you a fresh, new look. It also avoids the hassle of having to deal with issues with the wall surface beneath the panelling. The key to success is putting in a little extra time on the front end and prepping the old surface properly.


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