Dynamic Fast Dry Solvent-Based Flat Chalkboard Paint (AA670400, AA670100)

  • Suitable for wood, metal, Masonite, drywall, plaster, and more
  • Provides a writable, erasable finish for chalk that is decorative and functional, where a durable flat finish is desired
  • Quart (946 millilitres)- One coat of approximately 90 square feet of wall space
  • *Coverage may vary depending on the surface porosity and texture*

  • All surfaces must be free from contamination, oil and grease
  • High gloss surfaces should be lightly sanded to ensure good adhesion
  • Old slate must be washed thoroughly and allowed to dry completely
  • Primers used must be compatible with strong solvents
  • Easily applied with a brush or roller
  • A brush suitable for oil based paints and a short nap roller are recommended
  • Maintain a wet edge during application
  • Do not overbrush
  • The coating will dry tack free in about 1 hour and may be recoated after 2 hours
  • Allow 24 hours drying before washing with a water soaked rag
  • No thinning should be required for roller or brush application
  • Clean up using mineral spirits, xylene, or toluene immediately following application