DAP 33 White Glazing

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of frost
  • When reglazing, remove all old putty and bedding
  • Before use, mix entire contents of container to ensure uniform consistency
  • Do not thin glazing
  • If necessary, place glazing in hands and roll to warm and soften
  • Apply a thin layer of glazing (about 3 mm thick) to backstop of sash where glass is to be set
  • For metal sashes, use 3 mm spacer shims to ensure no metal-to-glass contact
  • Press glass firmly into place
  • If glass is over 60 cm in horizontal dimension, use setting blocks at quarter points on bottom rail
  • Install glazier's points or clips at quarter point of windowpane (maximum 46 cm spacing for outside glazing; 30.5 cm for inside) to hold glass
  • Press glazing onto sash, filling height and width of L-shaped recess completely
  • Smooth glazing to an angle that sheds water and glaze corners to a roundish finish
  • Glazing must be painted after it has skinned over and attained a firm set (7-14 days depending on temperature, humidity, and volume of fill)
  • For best results, use a high quality oil-based paint or use a high quality oil-base primer and then top coat with a high quality acrylic latex paint
  • Clean tools immediately after use with mineral spirits
  • Be sure container lid is closed and tightly sealed
  • Store in a cool, dry place