Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND Waterborne Acrylic Urethane Interior/Exterior Enamel Paint

  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Great for facility maintenance and property management applications where minimal maintenance disruptions and quick return to service are required
  • Gallon (3.79 litres)- One coat of approximately 400 square feet of wall space
  • *Coverage may vary depending on the surface porosity and texture*
  • Surfaces must clean, dry, free of all grease, dirt, dust, oil, and wax
  • Remove all loose and peeling paint by wire brush, scraping, sanding
  • Fill holes and cracks and sand until smooth
  • Dull glossy surfaces by sanding
  • Moderate to heavily rusted areas must be thoroughly cleaned and primed
  • Galvanized or Aluminum: Clean oil from new galvanized metal with an Oil and Grease Emulsifier. See PRIMING tab
  • Wood Surfaces: Sand surfaces to create a smooth profile. Apply one or two coats of COMMAND as needed. For tannin-rich woods, see PRIMING tab
  • Plaster and Drywall: See PRIMING tab
  • Concrete Floors: Allow new concrete to age for a minimum of 30 days. New or old unpainted concrete should be mechanically abraded or etched with a concrete etching solution (protect skin and eyes by wearing rubber gloves and goggles). Rinse surface thoroughly with clean water. Allow surface to dry completely before coating. See PRIMING tab
  • Previously Painted: Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned prior to top coating. If the previous coating is peeling, remove completely prior to applying COMMAND.
  • A separate primer can be used when there is a significant colour change, new drywall, or painting over oil paint
  • Galvanized or Aluminum: Prime properly prepared surfaces with an Acrylic Metal Primer, Waterborne Bonding Primer, or apply COMMAND directly onto surface
  • Wood Surfaces: For Tannin-rich woods, prime with a stain blocking primer prior to top coating. Apply one or two coats as needed.
  • Plaster and Drywall: Prime with an acrylic primer/sealer/undercoater
  • Concrete Floors: Self Priming on properly prepared concrete surfaces
  • Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during use; the use of a low speed drill mixer is recommended
  • Product can be applied by synthetic, high quality brush or roller; product can also be sprayed
  • Airless Spray: Tip range between 0.013 and 0.017. Total fluid output pressure at tip should be 1500-2500 psi
  • Air Spray (Pressure Pot): DeVilbiss MBC or JGA gun, with 704 or 765 air cap and Fluid Tip E 
  • One coat is usually sufficient for repaint work; 2 coats for new work
  • Do not paint when temperature of air and surface is below 1.7°C (35°F)
  • CAUTION: if used as a floor coating, all floor coatings may become slippery when wet
  • Where non-skid characteristics are desired, a small amount of clean sand may be added
  • Keep container closed when not in use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • It is recommended that anyone who is applying the product or present during application of this product, especially those who are asthmatic, follow the manufacturer's safety precautions
  • It is recommended that pregnant women are not present when product is being applied and drying
  • Tack free in 15 minutes
  • Block resistant in 1 hour
  • Recoat in 1 hour
  • Return to service in 24 hours
  • Dry times are based on 25°C (77°F) and 50% relative humidity
  • Humidity and temperature may prolong dry, recoat, and cure times
  • Clean equipment immediately after use with soap and warm water
  • Spray equipment should be given a final rinse with mineral spirits to prevent corrosion
  • In case of spillage, absorb with inert material and dispose of in accordance with local regulations
  • Wash thoroughly after handling
  • This product contains components which may cause adverse effects to the environment if handled improperly
  • When storing, tightly close container and store upside down
  • Store in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not store near heat, sparks, open flame, or other sources of ignition
  • Protect from freezing
  • Use completely or dispose of properly